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Written exam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Written exam - assay ExampleA good example is where giraffes with short necks die aft(prenominal) short shrubs die out, and after some componentrations all the giraffes will have long necks. Mutation is the mechanism whereby a DNA gene structure in a species changes with some units being deleted, inserted or re-arranged in such a carriage that it affects or alters subsequent generations. An example is an albinism genetic anomaly (Wool, 67).Cladogenesis is the evolution that is brought about by the splitting of a lineage. This is the separation of a gene pool into two or more gene pools. Anagenesis, which is also cognize as phyletic evolution, is that which occurs within a lineage. It is basically the collective changes that completely alter a species into a youthful species with different characteristics (Wool, 74).The phylogenetic tree that uses prosimian vs. anthropoid is different from the cladogram, which differentiates strepsirhine vs. haplorhine, in that it shows the anc estors together with the degrees of relationship and the judgment of conviction that the taxa lived contrary to cladograms, which only show the degree of relationship and a hypothetical ancestor (Jurmain et al., 68)A good example of this is propithecus diadema, also known as diademed sifaka. It is found in Madagascar. Its adaptation for grooming is what makes it specific from opposite lemurs. It has a toothcomb and a toilet claw in its second toe mainly for grooming.The white-headed capuchin, which is a new world monkey found in Central and South America, is in the family of platyrrhines. This type of capuchin is special in the fact that it is dominated by both an alpha female and an alpha male.The Zanzibar red colobus monkey found in the main island of Zanzibar, Unguja, is a good example of primates in this clade. The males of the Zanzibar red colobus are very social and defend their group in unison and even groom for each one other between meals.The gibbons are among the most endangered primates on earth and they fall on a lower floor this

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profit & Interactive Media - Essay ExampleThis would help to guess the scheme as well as the firmament of focus of the companion in such competitive environment. Secondly, the creation and development of the brand image would be taken to a lower place consideration. This indicates that the sources that the company constantly uses would be assessed and evaluated in order to find the factors that have helped the organization to survive and grow in such cut-throat retail environment. Content would as well as be taken under consideration after this. In content, the atomic number 18a of focus would be to evaluate the organizations selling mix that has helped the organization to attract the customers over dour period of time. This would also help to evaluate that how does the company constantly update its marketing mix in order to remain fresh in the eyeb both of the customers. Creativity and heading are often the most important factor in success. This creativity and design wou ld be evaluated to identify the modes or tools of advertisement used by the organization to create awareness and ca-ca customers attraction in the market. In addition, the reduction of clutter in the world of advertisement would also be evaluated under the same heading. E-commerce has gradually entered the corporate world which makes the evaluation of e-commerce of M&S quite crucial. The evaluation of E-commerce would help to indicate that whether e-commerce is just a primary objective or alternate objective. In addition, the use of mobile strategy is at its peak due to which this factor would also be taken under consideration during the evaluation of e-commerce. Next, the assignment would aim to evaluate and identify the ways through and through which the organization develops relationship with the customers in the market. Furthermore, the type of buzz marketing used by the organization would also be evaluated which would help to identify the reasons which led the organization t o survive and grow over such long period of time. In addition, the presence of organization on social media would also be included and evaluated under this particular heading. Next, the data mining outside of purchases of the organization would become the spotlight of this assignment. It would help to evaluate all the sources used by the organization to accumulate the data gathered through sales promotion, personal sales, sharpen mails and programs introduced by the organization. This would be followed by evaluation of public relations. This would help in the evaluation of the organizations ability to provide the customers with relevant information regarding the company along with the products and services offered to the customers. In addition, it would also help to evaluate the ways in which the organization communicates with its target audience in the market via its website. Lastly, this assignment would evaluate the use of other IMC elements used by the organization i.e. traditi onal media to create awareness regarding the companys website. This would also help to identify the reasons for the use of traditional media while other more effective sources are available in the corporate world. Marks and Spencer Overview Marks and Spencer is one of the leading retail organizations in UK. The prestige and reputation of the company can be evaluated through 21 million customers visiting the retail outlets all(prenominal) week. The company not only provides the customers

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Argument Synthesis agiainst Minimum Wage Research Paper

logical argument Synthesis agiainst tokenish Wage - Research Paper ExampleThe needs and wants of the people are un favourable to account for, with the state and federal judicatures playing a fundamental role in relation to this pursuit. Specifically, the prime(a) and standard of life of the people is targeted, with the income earned by the employed population being the target variable. Minimum salary is an extensive, diverse and dynamic concept in employment and remuneration arena. Many states and the federal government at large observes set marginal wage rates, which are revised from time to time as deemed necessary (Block, et al. 49). The aim of setting minimum wage rates is to protect workers are prone to exploitation by employees for one reason or a nonher. Workers are primarily exploited due to lack of equal to(predicate) skills and knowledge, while they still persistently seek employment opportunities. For this reason, governments in col agitateation with labor unions engage in the minimum wage setting to protect prone workers. A minimum wage rate outlines the to the lowest degree remuneration that an employee can receive from potential employers. Payment of wages below the set rate constitutes a criminal act and violation of labor rights. Therefore, employers are expected to comply with minimum wage requirements. On the other hand, minimum wage requirements are set to benefit workers in the economy. ... minimum wage decisions make within an economy are bound to affect that economy positively or negatively, constituting benefits or hardships for the economy. In this regard, minimum wage can be argued for and against, with the factor outperforming the other resting on the stinting variables evaluated. Arguments in favor of minimum wage are based on the direct benefits reaped by individual employees and the economy at large. I. Raising the minimum wage hurts low income workers As earlier mentioned, minimum wage can be revised every time it is deem ed necessary. This means that the wage can be reduced or increased. The primeval reason that leads to the setting of minimum wage is to raise the earning capacity of unskilled or semiskilled workers. This is nevertheless linked to improved and better quality of life and subsequent standards of livelihood. Minimum wage pursuits are not only pursued by the government, but also by labor unions within the economy. All the parties heterogeneous can push for reduction or increment of minimum wage, with too low wage jeopardizing the workers economic welfare (Weinberger 1). Raising minimum wage is not a strictly positive-oriented activity. Low income workers are more(prenominal) vulnerable to the hurting effect of increased minimum wage. To start with, an increase in the minimum wage means that the demand and supply of labor must be altered. When labor becomes more expensive than it was previously the case, then employers reduce their employment opportunities. This implies that the low income group finds itself in low employment opportunities within the labor market. Economics dictate that changes in prices alter both demand and supply aspects in the economy. In the minimum wage context, an increase in the minimum wage makes low income workers worse off

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Rene Descartes Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Rene Descartes - Assignment ExampleFrance was becoming one of the main players in the European arena, a unitary state with strong monarchical power. Absolutism didnt only provide favorable conditions for the domestic market, hardly also broadened the gap between social strata. Whereas Catholicism strengthened its position in French weird and cultural life, scientific progress driven by the increase of productive capacities was the key factor that sparked Descartes worldview formation.In his pursuit of new philosophical methods Descartes was initially motivated by the need to find a way of defining certain knowledge and the way of acquiring it for he thought knowledge acquired with function of sense perception to be inaccurate. Moreover, he was fond of science which wasnt well organized agreement in that period, thus he wanted to find a solution that would systematize scientific knowledge. In fact, Descartes laid the basics of science in its modern meaning and inquiry, made an i mmense contribution to development of algebra, geometry, philosophy, physics and reflexology.Considering philosophy to be the source of all natural sciences development, Descartes tried to find a true set of rules that would help one to acquire certain knowledge. The basic work dealing with the foundations of Cartesian methodological analysis is Discourse on Method focusing on the application of the main Descartes method, hyperbolical doubt or methodological skepticism. At the same time, the philosopher preferred to neglect empirical method in constructing knowledge, and thus used a method of deduction and argumentation. Thinking was considered by him to be the source of cognition, not senses. Along with that, Descartes philosophical ism was dualistic as he admitted existence of two entities that, mind and body, that are in the relations of usual dependence and interconnection.To illustrate the unreliability and limitation of

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The rise and fall of monopolies in America Research Paper

The rise and stick of monopolies in America - Research Paper Example matchless fact every one seems to be fitted to combine upon though is that the slowdown has to do with the commercialize forces. capitalist economy, the eacheged basis of the economic system of the United States and a biggish part of the world, invokes the theories of competition and supply and demand among others. However, when a small number of very large corporations control not only supply and demand, but competition too, then capitalism is no lifelong the type of economic system in practice by those corporations or anyone else for that matter. Instead the economy in that situation is operating under a monopoly, in which one company controls the entire market instalment, or under the similar structure of oligopoly, where two or three companies control the portion of the market in which they do business. Think Home Depot and Lowes, Office Depot and Staples, PetCo and Pet Smart, and Perot Systems and NeuSt ar (aka Lockheed Martin Information Management Systems). Those digest two may not be familiar, but they atomic number 18 the perfect example of why oligopolies argon just as unfair as monopolies. Perot Systems (yes, Ross Perot) and NeuStar were awarded control over the Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC) in 1996, making the two of them essentially a telephone number oligopoly says Tim McElligott in the June 18, 2007 edition of Telephony. When this two party control of the telephone number industry took place, everyone seemed to be pleased, mainly because it was not a monopoly. No one company had majority control. Most thought the Telecom Act of 1996 would regulate the two companies and make the market fair for both them and consumers. However, that belief did not last long. Perot Systems disappeared from the picture leaving NeuStar the one administrator of NPAC. The brainchild for McElligotts article was that in 2007 Telcordia Technologies petitioned the Federal Comm unications Commission (FCC) to enter the market with NeuStar and end the monopoly shortly enjoyed by that company.1 One would think this was a no-brainer one company controls all of a market segment the FCC can remedy that it should be a done deal in no time. Think again. gibe to Telcordia Technologies website, the battle between the FCC and NeuStaras well as others nowto end the monopoly of phone number dispersion reached an important point in May of 2011. The FCC issued an order that implemented a multi-vendor competitive procurement edge for NPAC.2 Of course, now a round of appeals result ensue. They may already be in the courts now. It will most likely take another year or two before it is decided. We may all be walking around with microchips in our heads before the FCC decides whether NPAC should be regulated by monopoly, oligopoly, or capitalism. Capitalism requires competition to regulate. Consumers want to be able to feel as if they control the way they spend their money . One way they can do that is to vote with their wallets/pocketbooks. If bargain pricing is their aim, then they want to be able to purchase products at low costs. Some consumers are willing to pay more for better function or higher quality products. Consumers may also want variety so that everybodys tastes are addressed, even the most eclectic. In a capitalistic economic system, consumers have the power to make or break a corporation. In a monopoly or oligopoly, corporations have the power to